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Resensi Film Kal Ho Naa Ho (English)

Title                        : Kal Ho Naa Ho
Main Figure              : Shahrukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan dan Preity Zinta
Director                  : Nikhil Advani
Producer                 : Yash Johar
Year                        : 2003

Naina Catherine Kapur is Indian girl who had long settled in America with her big family. Naina was depressed because of a tragedy in her family that is half Punjabi, and half Catholic, She was shock and happiness was take away from her, especially since her Father has died. In her house is always fighting every day. Naina also had to help her mother (Jennifer) to take care of her siblings (Shiv and Gia) and manage the financial problems of their household. It makes Naina to less care of herself. It makes her be a grumpy and less friendly towards others.
Naina’s nature is very contrary with her new neighbor named Aman Mathur. He is a friendly person and always try to make people around him feel happy with her behavior, including Naina. Aman felt sorry to Naina who always cries on her face. So, Aman determined to create happiness, smiles, love and laugh in Naina’s life. Naina also had a friend from college named Rohit. Rohit is a handsome man and liked by many women. Before Naina met Aman, Rohit is a person who sometimes can make Naina smile although forced.
During her lifetime, Naina had never felt love. She does not believe that a relationship will make she happy, even she thinks that relationship will make her hurt and further away from happiness. One day, Aman succeed to introduce a Naina’s frienf, Sweetu to foreign men named Frenky. Aman is very happy for his success, but Naina is not. Aman  thought that Naina was jealous with her friend, but Naina denies and says that she already has a boyfriend named Rohit. Because Aman is clever, he makes a challenge to Naina to take his boyfriend to a disco. And there Naina’s lie was uncovered. This makes Naina feel frustrated because mockery of Aman and eventually she drink beer until she is drunk. This is the first for Aman saw Naina feel happy even in a drunken state.
Every day Naina’s life is filled with happiness by Aman. And finally Naina falling in love for her first time to Aman. Based on the suggestions from Sweetu and Rohit, Naina come to Aman’s hous to say her feelings. Before Naina got in Aman’s house, Rohit phoned man that his heart was destroyed because Naina fall in love with Aman, not Rohit. Naina has not had time to express her feelings, but Naina saw a picture Aman with Priya (Aman’s doctor) that using a wedding dress. And then Aman made a false story that she had been married with Priya. It made Naina was devastated, why when the first time she fell in love, she’s falling in love with the wrong person. Actually Aman also loves Naina but  Aman does n’t wanna make Naina more sad because Aman got heart disease and his life is not too long.
Because Aman loves Naina, she decided to give her love to Naina by Rohit. Aman’s planning was succed, although the process was too long. Rohit proposed to Naina and she accept his proposal. Aman was very happy hearing this news even though his heart very sad. After engagement Naina with Rohit held, suddenly Aman’s disease relapse and had to be hospitalized. When Rohit and Naina was shopping at a mall, Naina meets with Priya. Priya had told everything to Naina what actually happened. And finally Naina knew that Aman also loves her so much.
Aman made Rohit marry Naina. Emotive and happy must be showed by Aman in front of Naina as embodiments apology because he could not  give more things to Naina. Although Aman got disease, her mental and physical being united in grief on Naina’s wedding day. Occasionally Aman watched Naina from afar as prepare his self for Naina’s wedding. The scene was smothering. And a week after the wedding between Naina and Rohit, Aman had died.
This film is a good film and was able to bring the audience seemed to be in the film. The plot is very clear and does not make people feel confused when watching it. The film also gives a lot of messages that we can apply in our life daily. I very admire about Aman's character is he always tried to make people around him happy on the sidelines of her age that not too long. In my opinion, this movie is don’t have a deficiency. So I do not need to comment the deficiency on this movie.

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